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710 Decibels takes a synergistic approach to the rapidly evolving entertainment and cannabis markets. Through decades of experience, our executive team has developed a unique understanding of the ever-growing cannabis industry and it's needs in regards to marketing, product placement, and branding. The founders are entertainment industry veterans with deep-rooted relationships in music and film, with the capability to understand each artist's brand and marketing strategy.

Working one on one with leading figures in the entertainment industry, 710db provides a custom tailored relationship management service to clients in order to increase outreach for brands in both the entertainment and cannabis industries. We connect entertainment professionals with the biggest marijuana brands for unique product placement opportunities and more.

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What we do

Entertainment Clients

Entertainment Clients

We connect the top music, film, and entertainment figures with product placement opportunities. Managing offers, brand opportunities, and sponsorships for our clients. We focus on growing our artist's brand just as much as we do for our canna-clients.

Cannabis Clients

We place your product directly in the spotlight via music, film, and television. We understand marketing cannabis brands is very tricky in the current market and we are the experts. Once we get to know you brand and product, we have a diverse amount of options for your product.


710db works hard to find the best products for our artists' individual tastes to ensure that entertainment professionals aren't sponsoring products they don't personally endorse. We are only happy when our clients are! Part of our process is finding and testing products that can keep up with our artist's lives.

Product Placement

We connect entertainment industry leaders to cannabis product placement, Co-branding, and sponsorship opportunities. We then manage the relationship to ensure that everyone involved is happy, taking the work and stress out of everything.


710db has licensed access to the most extensive network of cannabis companies in the world, nearly double the size of WeedMaps. Our team of founders has a deep-rooted background in the marijuana industry, and has been successfully capitalizing on the growth of the cannabis market worldwide for years. We know the industry inside and out, with our previous experience encompassing subjects such as compliance, agriculture, distribution, traceability, quality assurance, packaging, and more. As successful canna-preneurs, we have the network and knowhow to interface at any level of the market.

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We are currently accepting new clients from the cannabis and entertainment industries. Please use the form to inquire and one of our staff will respond to you. We request that you provide as much information as possible in order to determine your eligibility, thanks!

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Some questions

frequently asked questions

What size of cannabis company is accepted?

We work with all types of companies but our main focus is cannabis related companies. At 710 DB we work with all sizes of companies, and know how to maximize your marketing needs big and small. We work with cannabis companies of varying sizes, but as a general rule our clients ideally experience at least $250,000 per month of sales.

What type of entertainment figures do you sign?

Most of our clients come from the music, film, and entertainment industries. As a general rule, our artists have consistent charting in Billboard Hot 100, over 1 million Facebook followers, or have at least 500,000 social media followers. This way we have a versatile outreach for whatever your strategies are for reaching your "Fans".

What does 710 Decibels do?

We connect famous musicians and entertainers with cannabis companies and lifestyle brands, who take the opportunity to have that artist represent their brand in things like music videos, interviews, and concerts. But that's not all we doing, we also take the headache and work out of your marketing needs. Like client and public relations and dynamic social media marketing.

How do I get started?

Use the contact form to submit an inquiry: make sure you give us as much detail as possible to find the perfect matches for your brand model. We at 710 DB Think it's essential to really understand our clients products and exact marketing needs. After a few meet and greets & conference calls we will have a clear view on your goals and vision which is as important to us as is you.

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Our artist clientel as well as media outlets is extensive as well as ever growing. Here's just a few examples of our Clients.

2 Chainz
Action Bronson
Chris Ward
Dizzy Wright
Eric Bellinger
Lil Dicky
Michael Rapaport
Slightly Stoopid
Steel Pulse
Valley of the kings
The Wailers
Young Dolph


We work with all shapes of companies, both Cannabis and non. Here's just a few of our partners to give you an idea.

Native OG Moonrocks
Brass Monkey
Infinity Brand
Habit Soda

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Contact us now and get ready to take your brand or artist awareness to the next level. We are located in San Diego on PST. Please feel free to contact us and we can start you custom tailored account for you that fits your needs.

710 Decibels
Carlsbad, CA 92023
P: (740) 233.2425