710 Decibels

710 Decibels is located in Sothern California, with a presence in key locations such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Started by Jay Shore and Philip Ross in 2017, 710db has become the premier management agency for musicians interested in cannabis-based business opportunities.

Whether an officially licensed merchandise product, cannabis brand, or product placement / promotion opportunities, 710 Decibels has the experience needed to generate huge revenue streams for artists.

Meet the team at 710 Decibels.

Jay Shore

Jay Shore: president / Chief Executive Officer With a background in cannabis technology and marketing. With other original products such as dope intel.com and enforcement Tech. He has been pioneering the Cannabis-tech industry for over a decade, and with specialties with these backgrounds he creates an unique outlook on the ever emerging Cannabis marketing industry.

Philip Ross

Chief Operation Officer / Cannabis Outreach Philip has a unique position as our operations manager and chief of cannabis Outreach, using his synergistic approach working in both the music and audio industry as well as the Cannabis and extract industry, and truly understands Brands and artists working together. he has been an entrepreneur and exited multiple companies, and 710 is only his latest endeavor. Companies like Ross Sound, Lan2You, and Dark Roots inc, 710 Decibels is "Going on Tour, one toke at a time" as he would say.

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Contact us now and get ready to take your brand or artist awareness to the next level. We are located in San Diego on PST. Please feel free to contact us and we can start you custom tailored account for you that fits your needs.

710 Decibels
Carlsbad, CA 92023
P: (740) 233.2425