710db Original Series

710db Original Series


dab4dab is a 710 Decibels original series where our artist friends come in to our studio to do candid interviews with our CEO Jay Shore and co-host/rapper Main Flow as they go "Dab for Dab". Our pilot is currently in production. If you'd like to learn more, or be a corporate sponsor for an episode, please contact us.

Music Videos

One of 710 Decibel's most popular services is product placement in artist music videos. Ranging from anywhere from 15 seconds post-roll to main feature we work with you get your products seen, heard, and tasted on camera.


Take an insider look at 710 Decibels while we take you behind the scenes at live shows with famous musicians.

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Contact us now and get ready to take your brand or artist awareness to the next level. We are located in San Diego on PST. Please feel free to contact us and we can start you custom tailored account for you that fits your needs.

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